Pet Drawing Testimonial

..."Scruffy" is one of the most professionally skillful portraits (of an animal or a person) I've ever seen! You have an incredible technique and ability with colored pencils. All the color and lines you have in the piece work together...

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Pet Portrait Testimonial

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the beautiful painting that you created of my sweet little Bebe. My parents could not have picked a more wonderful Christmas gift to give me. I'm so proud to have your artwork...

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Dog Portrait Testimonial

...We would like to express our gratitude and to compliment you on such a beautiful job. You managed to capture his essence, and it will be a portrait that will be cherished forever. We miss the little guy very much, and the portrait was...

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Pet Portraits

Celebrate the love and companionship of your favorite pets with a beautifully detailed pet portrait.

My name is Daniele Jones and I would love to capture and preserve the spirit and individuality of your cherished animal friends in an original drawing or painting.

By putting your pet center stage, capturing their unique spark and removing the distractions common in photos — a pet portrait becomes much more than just a drawing from a photo, it's a fine art treasure.

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