Antique photo restoration

Vintage Pet Photograph

I love old photos. I love animals. I love photo restoration. I especially love an old photo with an animal or pet in it that I get to restore! I recently realized that I’ve been collecting these old photos from my family over the years so I thought I’d share them, and where would be more appropriate than my own pet portrait blog?!

This first one just happens to also include my grandparents when they where young and spiffy. I love everything about this photograph.There’s the way they’re all gussied up but the house looks more like a shack. I love the shack-iness of the house – the weeds and tin buckets. I love the way my grandmothers fingers are really sinking in the dogs fur. The fanciness on the door in the background and the concrete steps up. There seems to always be a clarity in old photographs that I never see in modern ones, I don’t know where it comes from. And there’s always mystery in them to.

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