Doberman Drawing, “Kane”, Richmond, VA

Dog Drawing of Doberman named Kane colored pencil and watercolor

This stately gent was a treat to draw, but he had a couple of challenges that needed to be met to make a great portrait. The right eye in the photo was very blurry and for awhile I was not sure if it was a normal eye. It was, so I corrected that in the portrait. And his paw was cut off so for a better composition in the portrait I drew that in as well.

I loved drawing the textured wood – such a fun challenge. To make Kane pop off the page, I “blurred” out the background flowers.

Unfortunately, Kane passed while I was drawing his portrait. I hope it brought comfort to his dog mom, it was a very thoughtful gift from a good friend of hers.

Medium: Dog Drawing in Colored Pencil & Watercolor
Size: 11″ x 14″

Here’s the original photo of Kane. You can see how his eye is obscured and his foot is cut off, I’ll fix that!



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It looks great - thank you so much!!
– Megan