Dog Drawing, New York, “Snugglers”

Portrait of Labrador Retreivers from New York in colored pencil and watercolor

Here’s their story in their owners words: “Funny story about these two dogs – Wilma is the older black lab, 6. We had a 15 year old chocolate name Sadie and Sadie passed away about 3 years ago. Sadie and Wilma were best friends. Wilma went into a depression and she stopped interacting with us. We decided it might help her if we got a puppy and in November of 2014 we got another chocolate named Barney. He is sweet and loving and he took to Wilma like she was his mother. They are now inseparable and Wilma is her old self again – actually she’s even better because she is playing the lead role. So the portrait will mean a great deal to us!”

They were a joy to work on, I loved their fur and their relaxed comfortable positions. I kinda wanted to join their doggy cuddle puddle.

I changed them just a little from their reference photo. I corrected the distortion from the camera that made their sizes look wonky and replaced the busy background as requested. All in all they were a fun puzzle-like challenge from what I am used to working on.

Medium: Portrait of Labrador Retrievers in colored pencil and watercolor
Size: 12″ x 16″

dog portrait reference photo

Reference photo of these two snuggling Labrador Retrievers



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I am beyond pleased with the finished product - when Barney is laying on the couch, with the sun shining, that is exactly how his coat looks and Wilma is just perfect.
– Peggy