Dog Portrait, California, “Sam”

Dog Portrait of Sam, Charcoal

This is how Sam’s mama described him, “He was my buddy and never left my side. He was full of life and barked at everything and nothing all at the same time (I will never hear a firework or doorbell on TV and not expect him to start barking like mad). He knew when I was upset and would come to make sure I was ok. He loved food and dog treats, and could hear the cookie jar from a mile away. I think he wanted to play football, since whenever we threw the ball for our other dog, he would make a game of trying to place his body in the way so that she had to run into him or around him to get the ball. He was a 100 lb goofball and loved sleeping on our bed when we allowed it (or on the couch when we weren’t home even though it wasn’t allowed).”

You can just tell how loved he was and how much he is missed.

Medium: Dog Portrait in Charcoal
Size: 8″ x 10″
dog portrait reference