Dog Portrait, Richmond, Virginia, “Jazzy”

Dog Portrait of Jazzy, Colored Pencil and Watercolor

This is a  dog portrait of Jazzy who is the only baby girl in a house with 2 little boys. Jazzy looks like a sweet girl with those big brown eyes. I loved her curled up pose…she just looks like she wants someone to come take a nap with her though!

Medium: Dog Portrait in Colored Pencil and Watercolor
Size: 14″ x 11″
Dog Portrait of Lab


pet portrait reference

Here is just one of the photos I used to draw Jazzy



Here’s another snoozy dog portrait 🙂

Let me just tell you, he was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Almost in tears. It was the best gift of the day and he said the most sentimental gift I've ever given him. You rocked it! Thank you!
– Nina