Pet Drawings – Ammo from Canada

Ammo is a great looking dog and I’ve enjoyed drawing her and getting to know about her accomplishments and life. I’m proud to add her to my pet drawings!

Medium: Colored Pencil and Watercolor
Size: 8″ x 10″

Earlier stages of the pet drawing
Stage 2 – Almost done! Still needs the most work in the background and on Ammo’s body. I’m so pleased to do Ammo’s portrait! She is such a beautiful dog! Plus – blue and brown eyes! A lucky bonus for me!

Stage 1 – I am really excited about this portrait. A great looking dog, and I especially love her eyes! Ammo is an award winning Catahoula from Canada. Her accomplishements are as impressive as her looks! Read more about her at Cross Check Catahoulas


dog-portrait-ammo-r2 Here are the originals. Great photos to start with! I’ll crop it down and simplify the background to put all the focus on Ammo. I especially want to bring out her different colored eyes.

Thanks so much Daniele! It's truly awesome!
– Carlye