Pet Drawings – Cheyenne

So sweet! I love how Cheyenne is looking out like “c’mon it’s time to snuggle up!”

For this portrait, I simplified the background and made her eyes look more natural, I also added her signature peace sign necklace above her paw.

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Size: 10″ x 8″

Earlier stages of the pet drawing

I got to meet Cheyenne and her owner personally at the Rockwall, Texas Dog Days of Summer. Such a sweet doggie and so stylish. The original picture didn’t show her signature necklace so I’m going to draw it in near her paw.


pet-portrait-cheyenne-r2 Here are the originals. The first one shows her personality so that’s what I’m using as the main reference. The second one shows her ‘bling’, her signature sparkly necklace and her beautiful eyes.

...Looks amazing! ...I gave it to him last night when I got in and he loved it! Everyone did.
– Christi