Pet Portrait, Dallas Texas, Sheepdogs

Pet Portrait Painting of Sheepdogs from Irving, Texas in Acrylic

Meet Trixie, Alice and Ethyl (aka The Demon Pup)! These gals get a whole day of at home grooming and I’m sure you can see why! They where given as a gift to their tye-dye loving daddy, so I made sure to make their tags tye-dye and even painted the edges of the painting the same colors 🙂

I used three different reference photos to join them all in one painting that made them look like they were all standing out in the back yard together. I’m pretty sure getting an actual photo of them behaving and standing nicely together would be almost impossible!

Medium: Pet Portrait of Sheepdogs in acrylic
Size: 12″ x 16″

Pet Portrait Painting

I painted the sides tye-dye 🙂

Sheepdog pet portrait

pet portrait reference photo

The reference photos for this crazy group!

pet portrait reference photo



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