Pet Portrait of Jagger Puss

In loving memory of Jagger Puss. He looked like such a fun loving kitty. I was told that he had special toys and loved to wear special collars. So for this portrait I added his “Meow” collar and put a toy under his front feet. I also had to add his ears, front paw and part of his body for the final pet portrait painting. He was a challenge but very handsome cat.

Medium: Acrylic Painting
Size: 12″ x 16″

pet portrait eyes

Here’s a closeup of his yellowish/greenish/grayish eyes.





Here are the original photos

I think Jagger Puss looks wonderful!! When he was a young cat, he was quite large which is reflected in his body in the portrait. As he got older, he became quite thin but I like to remember him as his fluffy self. His face is beautiful and his eyes are spot on. His patience and wisdom and spunk (the Meow tie) shine through.
– Monica