Pet Portrait, Nebraska, Ollie a Westie

Pet Portrait of a Westie from Nebraska in Acrylic Paint

How great of a life did this little guy have?! What could be better than living on the lake, enjoying the water and staying safe with your trusty life jacket?! Our goal was to make him look happy in this gift for a husband.

I wanted to keep his fur super white but also show some depth. And we went back and forth a couple of times getting the water color (lake vs ocean) and his “smile” just right. In the end he ended up being a happy little pup. I enjoyed our time together and chatting with his owner a home-town friend of mine.

Medium:Pet Portrait Painting in Acrylic
Size: 11″ x 14″
Pet Portrait of a Westie named Ollie

pet portrait reference photo

The reference photo of this little guy who obviously has a great life 🙂



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