Pet Portrait, New York, “Windham”

Pet Portrait of Windham, Drawn in Charcoal

This is a pet portrait of “an amazing dog” according to his mama! I loved capturing his soft brown eyes and relaxed posture. I was sure to include his white paw, one of his very handsome features!

You can just tell how loved he was and how much he is missed.


Here’s Windham’s portrait framed and hanging on the wall and his mama still talks to him every day 🙂


Medium: Pet Portrait drawn with Charcoal
Size: 8″ x 10″
Pet Portrait of Windham


Pet Portrait Reference Photo

Here’s the original reference photo of Windham



dog portrait

Here’s another sleepy dog portrait

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Wow!!! Amazing!! He looks gorgeous!!! I am so impressed the amount of detail you were able to incorporate with a black dog on a black bed!! His paw was so well done too, such a feature on him was his large spotted paws! You also captured his soul and tenderness in his eyes- so hard to do!! Wonderful!! Loved seeing my boy again!! Sniff!! Perfect! Daniele thank you so much! You are so gifted!! He looks amazing!! I think he is ready to come home…. Tears, again… Many, many thanks!! This will be hung in a special place where we can see it everyday.
– Jessica