Pet Portrait, Ohio, Yorkie “Omar”

Pet Portrait, Yorkie, Colored Pencil

Omar was a centerpiece of his family’s love. His sweet and calm personality had his whole neighborhood in love with him. He could even calm down his friend sassy Lucy (who I did a pet portrait of here). The following is a quote from his mama: “Our amazing dog Omar was the best dog ever. He was only 7. He was so quiet and had a personality that made people stop and pet him & talk to him. He brought so much happiness into our lives. He loved to pose for photos and won a local cutest pet contest. This is our son’s last year in college and our daughter got her Master’s and is working at Disney in Florida so Omar has been the center of attention for awhile! We were in Florida for our son’s college baseball trip and my husband’s niece was watching him for us like usual. She had him in the car and was in an accident, she is ok but he didn’t make it. We are devastated but want to have a beautiful reminder of the happiness he brought to us!”

So I wanted to make it really special for this loving family. I added a little more tail, which was not in the photo and made him look a little less frowny. Overall I tried to give him the calm, serene look that his mom conveyed to me about him. It sounds like he was a special guy.

Medium: Pet Portrait in Colored Pencil
Size: 14″ x 11″
Pet Portrait

Here's Lori with the pet portrait of her little guy.

Here’s Lori with the pet portrait of her little guy.

Here is  Omar's portrait hanging on the wall

Here is Omar’s portrait hanging on the wall


pet portraits reference

This is the main photo I used for the pet portrait of Omar

Here’s another Yorkie in Pet Drawings 🙂

Hi Daniele! Omar's sketch just arrived and it is even more amazing in person! Everyone here at work thinks it is incredible! We love our pets so much these days! It is hard but is getting a bit better now! It was a pleasure working with you! I can't thank you enough! We will treasure this forever!
– Lori