Pet Portraits Dallas, TX, Collie “Clover”

Pet Portraits

This gorgeous collie named Clover was a fun challenge! This portrait was commissioned for the owner by her husband as a Christmas present. He tortured her for a full two months about what her gift was going to be! Clover was a lovely dog to work on and my favorite part was her beautiful brown and blue eyes.

She is so lovely and such a good subject that I didn’t need to change the composition much from the photo. I brought out the details in her face and made sure you could see her eyes clearly.

Medium: Dog Portrait in Colored Pencil and Watercolor
Size: 12″ x 16″

pet portrait of a collie named Clover from Dallas Texas

pet portrait over fireplace

Here’s Clover proudly displayed over a lovely fireplace

pet portraits reference photo

One of many pictures of clover for this dog portrait. What a beauty!

Of course I couldn't wait till Christmas to give it to her and she just loved it. It now sits proudly over our fireplace with a light on it. Everyone that comes into the house has to see it and remarks how it really does depict Clover and her personality. Many think its a photograph.
– Dan