Pet Portraits, Missouri, “Bessie, Maggie & Dobby”

Pet Portraits of French Bulldogs, Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Now that I have drawn these three Frenchies, I know that I can survive anything! They look sweet and funny, but they were really though as nails 🙂

Their parents didn’t have just one photo that showed them in the pose they wanted, so we used about 50 photos instead! I wanted to show all their character and every little detail that makes them who they are. I pieced them together and revised and tweaked, with their parent’s guidance until these drawing became as close to the real thing as we could make them. I can honestly say these fur kids are the hardest I’ve ever drawn, but they came out great.

Medium: Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil and Watercolor
Size: 27″ x 21″
Pet Portraits of Frenchies

pet portraits close-up

They’re ready for their close-up!


Here is just one of the photos I used to draw Maggie

Here is just one of the photos I used to draw Maggie




And Dobby.



Then there’s Bessie


Here’s a different kind of bulldog portrait 🙂