Order Realistic Pet Portraits from photos

Feel Confident Ordering a Pet Drawing or Pet Painting

I try to make this process as easy, stress-free and fun as possible. Here's how it works:

  • Collect your favorite pet photos
    Look through photos you already have and set aside your favorites. Or, sit your pet down and take some new ones. I can make pretty much any photo(s) work!

    • Usually things can easily be removed or added to a portrait. Collars, tags, backgrounds, background environments can all be added or removed.
    • I'm really good at creatively combining and editing reference photos to create an original artwork. You might send me 5 photos that all have a little something you like. I do my best to combine all the ideas to make one great artwork.
  • We'll chat it out
    As soon as I’ve received your photos, we’ll email back and forth discussing the portrait. I’ll give you an estimated completion date. Turnaround time is currently 2-4 weeks but let me know if you need it sooner and I will do my best to accommodate you.
  • Get Specific
    Choose a size and color preference. I can help with this if you’re unsure. I don’t try to up-sell, I just give advice on what I think would make the best final artwork.
  • Confirm your order with a deposit
    Deposits can be made by credit card through PayPal and you don’t even need a PayPal account. Either use the buttons here or I can send you an email invoice.
  • Time for sketches
    After I receive your deposit, I will work up a sketch (or sketches) based on our conversations. I'll send them to you for feedback and we'll decide which one will be turned into your beautiful final artwork.
  • See the progress
    I’ll send photos as progress is made. If this is a gift, be forwarned…it's hard to keep the secret!
  • Final approval and delivery
    When your pet portrait is done, I will email you a photo of the artwork for approval. When approved, the final payment will be due. After I receive your final payment, I will ship your portrait. Free shipping in the continental U.S. All others will receive a quote for shipping. Pet portraits are sent USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive in 2-3 days.