Order Realistic Pet Portraits from photos

Pet Portraits from Your Photos

I pride myself on being able to use almost any photo, so don't worry, we'll make it work. That said, here are some suggestions for photos that work well and lead to excellent pet portraits.

  • Any Photo Is Better Than None
    Clear, detailed photos work best but are not absolutely necessary (notice the reference photos at top still lead to great results). Digital photos or printed photos will work fine. I've even worked from a photo of a photo.
  • The More, The Merrier
    Send as many pictures as you'd like and I can work out the final composition. Close-ups, head-and-shoulders shots, and full-body shots are all helpful because they help me get a feel for your pet's character, subtle colors and visual details.
  • Art Is Magic
    Don't worry about the background or distracting details in your photos. They can easily disappear.
  • Mix & Match
    If you love your pet's face in one photo, their body from another photo, and a sentimental collar or favorite toy from a third photo, I can do that!
  • Light Rules
    If you have the opportunity to take new pictures of your pet, outdoor or ambient light is usually a safe way to get a good picture. Don't be timid, be creative. In the right setting, unusual poses or strong shadows can be dramatic.