Custom Pet Portraits from Photographs

Celebrate Love

My name is Daniele Jones, I'm a pet portrait artist and I would love to capture and preserve the spirit and personality of your cherished furry friends in an original pet drawing or painting. I love to hear about your pet and always feel like I get to know them a little bit through you. My realistic pet portraits celebrate the love you feel for your one-of-a-kind pet.

Better Than a Photo

Knowing what to emphasize and what to remove from a photo is a key to a great portrait. Ideas and photos can also be combined to create something completely new. By putting your pet center stage, capturing their unique spark and removing distractions common in photos, a pet portrait becomes much more than just a drawing from a photo, it's a treasured artwork.

What Makes Me Different

Almost any photo will work for me. Send a single photo and I'll make you a beautiful portrait. Send several photos, and I can combine, imagine, and use some creativity to make a portrait that's inspired by all of them but not exactly like any individual photo. Using skills practiced over a lifetime, I can create artwork especially for you or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

If your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge…

Remember Love

We know our loved ones won't be with us forever. A pet portrait helps you remember the love and kinship you felt. Hanging on your wall will be a beautiful reminder of how special that furry friend was to you. If you're considering a pet portrait you may already know how personal and touching art can be.

Feel The Connection

You may have an urn, a collar, and a folder of photos – but what you really want is to see your companion and feel the connection you had with that special pet. I do my best to capture your feelings and put them on paper or canvas. Snapshots and stories mixed with artistry creates a treasured remembrance of your four-legged loved one.

Most Recent Pet Portraits

Here are a few of my recent pet portrait commissions. Mouse over for a bit of info.

dog drawing of a pomeranian

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Cat art drawing of Kiki from Nebraska
German Shepherd pet portrait - dog drawing
Pet Portrait Savannah Cats from Colorado

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Pet Portrait Reviews & Testimonials

I've worked with clients all over the world and I love to hear their comments and see what they've done with their pet portraits.