Pet Portraits Case Studies

Pet Portrait Drawing of Star


Lucky Star Dawg


Black Dog


Colored Pencil and Watercolor


11 x 14



This is Lucky Star Dawg, she just turned 14 is her owner’s true love in life. His wife commissioned this for him even though at times she feels unsure if he had to pick between them, that he’d pick her.

One of the challenges for this dog drawing was combining and rearranging references to make a great composition from several different photos. I used one photo for Star, one for the background, one for her collar and one for the Texas tag on her collar. It was a fun challenge and I loved working on it.

The other challenge was that black dogs are often hard to draw. You have to get all the highlights just right and make sure they look black, not blue or gray.

Sadly, Star was just beginning treatments for cancer as this portrait was finished. I hope she’s doing well.

My husband loves the portrait of Star and he was so moved he cried for ten minutes. He is such a big softie when it comes to his Lucky Star Dawg. I found a great custom framing shop and many of their customers wanted your info.
– Holly

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